Newspaper Weavings (2015-2016)

Made in China
Weaving of Chinese and English newspapers
Approximate size: 54cm x 55cm

These newspaper weavings consist of Chinese and English newspapers weaved together. Mixing the two languages, leaving behind an intricate pattern of non-sense behind. The work was inspired by the traditional Chinese way of writing vertically as seen with calligraphy and the possibility weaving it together with Latin based writing system, which is written horizontally. The work breaks down the language to the core, thus exposing the system, by losing the meaning of the original newspaper article. Exposing the system for what it is, through the act of weaving: for example, the sound-based system inherent in the Latin-style writing and the visual imagery of Chinese characters.

Photo of duo exhibition “Stories from a Black Hole” Punt WG 2018 on the left Newspaper weaving (Pernille Lonstrup) on the right video of Phil Bosch. Photo by Ilya Rabinovich